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At Solar Warrior, we’re committed to shaping a positive and sustainable future for all UK homeowners and businesses. The environmentally friendly solar PV systems and EV Chargers we install will help you on the road to achieving a zero carbon footprint, whilst also removing your dependency on utility suppliers. By making this step towards energy independence you are taking ecological responsibility for the future of your children and theirs. We are your trusted partner in harnessing the power of the sun with a dedication to innovation, quality, and customer.

Trusted Solar Systems & EV Charger Installer

Our Eco Mission

Our mission is to support and accelerate the transition to clean, renewable energy by offering affordable, high-quality solar technology solutions and services. We follow a strict code of practice and are members of the RECC and TSI.

Our specialist energy solutions


Solar PV Panels
& Inverters

Solar PV Panels & Inverters

Solar PV sunlight to generate electricity for your home or business and the inverters converts the energy from DC to an AC current



Wind Turbines

Uses wind to generate kinetic energy that gets converted into electricity.



Solar Batteries

Safely stores excess electricity for when you need it or sell it back to the National Grid Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS).



EV Chargers

Connects your electric vehicle to your home or business electricity supply for recharging.


Ground Source
Air/Heat Pumps

Ground Source Air/Heat Pumps

Transfers heat from the ground or air outside to heat radiators, underfloor heating and household water supply.


& Testing

Inspections & Testing

Essential for identifying any hazards that may arise from wear and tear, damage or deterioration of the electrical installation and components. This is to comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations (1989) which specify that the safety of people using the electrical system must be safeguarded.

6 Reasons to Choose Us

The Key Benefits Of Solar Energy At Your Property


Reduce monthly energy bills with solar power

Although you have the initial purchase and installation costs, the instant the solar panels and system are set up, you’ll be recouping that investment by saving money on utility bills every month.

Earn money from your solar power system

Depending on your usage and the amount of energy you store, you have the potential to sell the surplus energy back to the National Grid. Earning you money from your investment.

Add value to your property with solar technology

Upgrading your property’s energy performance with solar panels, as well as other improvements, can increase its value by up to 20%. Improving your EPC rating increases the appeal to prospective buyers.

0% VAT on residential installations*

Solar panel installations on residential properties are temporarily zero-rated for VAT in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales) from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2027. Take advantage of this today and book a free home survey.

*Note: this offer is not available to commercial properties and may be subject to change in accordance with government legislation.

How solar PV systems work


What solar PV panels are used for

Solar PV panels harness the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The PV panels transform sunlight into electricity using cells.

How solar panels create electricity

The PV cell is made up of one or two layers of a semiconductive material, often silicon. When light is captured by the cells, it produces an electric field that lets electricity flow between the two layers.

The amount of energy collected

The higher the intensity of the sunlight, the more power is created. The panels do not need direct sunlight to produce electricity as they continue to work even on cloud-covered days.

Making the electricity usable

The electricity generated from the panels is a DC current, to make it usable an Inverter converts it into an alternating current know as AC.

Storing the electricity

The energy is either used immediately or stored in batteries that the property can draw on to power all your electrical needs, from lights, appliances, computers, EV charging and more.

Make money from your investment

If your solar system collects more power than you need, the surplus energy can be sold back to the National Grid. To do this, you have to register under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) with your energy supplier.

Solar system installations for all properties

From small to large homes, there are solar panel solutions to suit your property type.
Work out how many solar panels you will need for your home
Guide to how many solar panels can be installed
House size guide 250 W Panels 400 W Panels Solar PV energy output
Flat or terraced house up to 2 bedrooms 2 to 4 Panels 2 to 6 Panels Up to 2000 kWh
Terrace or semi-detached up to 3 bedrooms 4 to 6 Panels 6 to 11 Panels 2000 – 4000 kWh
Semi-detached or detached up to 5 bedrooms 7 to 9 Panels 11 to 16 Panels 4000 – 6000 kWh
Detached with 6 bedrooms or more 10 – 15 Panels 16 – 21 Panels 6000 – 8000 kWh
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Commercial Solar System Installations

Commercial properties are likely to have more possibilities to install larger systems, generating greater amounts of energy to support the needs of the business. Systems can generate from 10kWh up to 60kWh per day. As with residential properties, you can also sell surplus energy back to the National Grid to generate additional income.

Add Solar Batteries To Your Installation

Solar batteries or Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS) continually collect the power generated when you’re not using the electricity. This is highly beneficial because you will not waste the power the solar panels are creating. If you go on holiday, out for the day, or for a business that is not open at the weekends, the surplus power generated is never lost, but stored ready for your return. With the addition of batteries storing this power, it’s estimated households and businesses can save up to 35 to 60% more on their energy bills.


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Book A Free Solar Panel Survey & Estimate Today

Contact us today for a free on-site survey and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote for your consideration. The quote will also include an assessment of your current energy usage and how much could be saved with the installation of solar panels.


    Do solar panels work when there is no direct sun?

    Yes, even with complete cloud cover, solar panels still draw energy from the sun.

    Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

    No, in most cases. Solar panels typically don’t need planning permission because they are considered permitted developments. However, depending on the installation, some councils require permissio

    How much space do I need for solar panels?

    Sufficient clear and unshaded space is an important factor to maximise your solar panel investment. On average, you will need a minimum of around 10-20m2 of roof space.

    Do solar panels need to be south-facing?

    A south-facing garden is not essential, however, it will help generate the most amount of electricity. East and west-facing roofs are still viable options, but north-facing roofs are not suitable. Solar panels faced in an east or west direction will potentially produce 15-20% less energy than those directed south.

    Will scaffolding be needed to install solar panels?

    Yes, installing solar panel systems will require scaffolding around your roof to provide a safe platform to work from. Depending on the size of the property and amount of panels to be installed will determine how long this will be needed.

    Do I need a solar inverter?

    Yes, the electricity solar panels produce is direct current (DC), for your home to use this power it needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) which is the job of the inverter. Without this, you will not be able to use the energy collected.

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